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Refresh Station Church Series - Book Two

Bethany Foley spends a lot of time waiting—waiting in parking lots for kids, waiting for her husband to change his mind, waiting for her heart to heal, and waiting on God to work a miracle and save her marriage. Her husband has left her for another woman, and she’s facing a daunting future of running her ballet studio alone and raising two small children part time. 


There’s nothing Wyatt Foley wants more than to finalize his divorce and move on with his life. He’s got a new girlfriend, his construction business is booming, and he’s about to put a deposit down on a new life. He’d like to put his past in the rear view mirror, but his children are a constant reminder of what he’s leaving behind, and he can’t shake the feeling that somewhere along the way, he took a wrong left turn. 


Through a series of divine connections and well-timed revelations, God intervenes. Wyatt’s world is turned upside down. Bitter truth forces his face to the mirror and his knees to the floor. And just a few miles away, his wife discovers something sacred about silent spaces of trust: God is in the waiting. With the girding support of some amazing friends, an unexpected opportunity to rescue a girl, and divine intervention from an unlikely source, she learns that with God, there's nothing broken beyond repair and it's never too late for a happy ending.

Themes:  separation, divorce, infidelity, coparenting, waiting, trusting God
PRICE:  $15.99


"Waiting on Tuesday did not disappoint those Running from Monday fans! We get to see the story of Bethany unfold. I too have went through a divorce and I felt every heartache, I cried with her as she thought of her children. I learned so much about my own journey while reading this book that I did not understand. For those seeking a must read Christian fiction novel this one will suck you in and satisfy. However if you are looking for sound wisdom, biblical truth and hope for a future, THIS is for you!" - Amazon review

"This book will make you stop and think before throwing in the towel on your marriage. In this book Bethany is forced to take a look at herself and what part she played in a marriage on the brink of divorce. There is so many moments of truths in this book that will cause you to stop and savor the words of wisdom coming from the least likely persons such as the elderly woman at Chick fla and Barbara Jean. Be ready to be engrossed into this beautifully written book." - Amazon review

"The premise of Waiting on Tuesday could seem like a provocative and, at first blush, almost incendiary statement to the countless men and women that have been through divorce. Yet at the same time, who is better than those whose lives have been touched by divorce—those who have suffered years of heartbreak, guilt, and divisiveness—who is better equipped to ask, Can this be the desire of a God who wants love for his children? It isn’t a question that main character Bethany Foley has difficulty answering. Every day has been a heart-wrenching, faith-testing battle since Wyatt, the husband she adores, left her for another woman. Despite the depth of her suffering, she slowly comes to grips with the fact that God is working on her and through her during this painful process. Now she must open her heart to the possibility that He’s doing the same with her husband. Bethany and Wyatt are so achingly realistic that, as the story progresses, they become less like characters and more like familiar figures in our communities, our churches, or our own families. There will not likely be one reader for whom life’s darkest seasons haven’t included some part of the rebellion, grief, resentment, or self-recrimination that plays out for these two.

But the accessibility and realism of the Foleys’ struggles also makes the hope they encounter that much more believable. For where Waiting on Tuesday is realistic with its portrayal of pain, it is equally authentic and frank with its depiction of grace and redemption. Healing is not shown as an overnight cure, but as the result of a methodical, prayer-filled treatment plan. Renewal is a Providential journey; not a light switch. And most importantly, love is not shown as an emotion, but as an intentional series of decisions to reflect the selfless devotion of the Savior. Waiting on Tuesday beautifully blends intense emotion and pragmatic faith, all woven around an intimate and compelling family narrative. I highly recommend it, even to those readers who might find its themes hitting a little too close to home, because there is more than a good chance that they will find its hopeful, redemptive message equally impactful.- Amazon review

"Marriage romances hold a special place in my heart. They hold all the love, excitement, and chemistry of the rest of the genre, but with added layers of familiarity, pain, hope, and restoration. This was a much easier read than the first in the series in some ways, and in others much harder. Lea Sims writes in such a way that even those who’ve never walked in her characters’ shoes can feel their experiences intensely. That’s a rare gift. Throughout the book, God’s heart and affection for His people is clear. This book isn’t “preachy,” so much as it is Truth spoken plainly with love. Beautiful, vivid scene descriptions, a moving storyline, a dream church, and incredibly realistic characters make this a book worth sharing. Powerful and unique." - Amazon review

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