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Refresh Station Church Series - Book One



Delaney Anderson is a confident, successful digital media executive living the dream in the heart of Manhattan. She has everything a modern woman could want -husband, home, wealth, connections, and a killer corner office overlooking the city. She's on track to make vice president in another few years. But Delaney is also a woman with a story, one that's been locked inside her for most of her life. When that story starts banging to get out, life begins to unravel. A perfunctory marriage leads to an affair with a coworker. A painful and expensive divorce leaves her suddenly uncertain and adrift. When the death of a family member forces her to return home after many years, she gears up for a fight with the ghosts of her past. But she runs head first into the grace of God -in the form of an old family friend, an unexpected church, and a disconcertingly kind man. She receives revelation from an unusual source and finds the courage to speak her truth and drop her chains. Through Delaney, we learn that we all have a story and that letting God redeem that narrative is the only path to a life of purpose.

Themes:  freedom, redemption, childhood abuse/loss, emotional healing, forgiveness
PRICE:  $10.99


"I must warn you, once you start reading this book, you are going to have a hard time putting it down. Lea truly is using her God given gift of writing and sharing this story with us. I see a mixture of Beth Moore in her writing as well as some of my other favorite Christian authors. If you have ever participated in the Breaking Free Bible study, you will see what I mean. I think every woman should read this and share it with their besties....I felt the emotions of Delaney’s neglect, abandonment, fear & abuse thanks to a great story telling author. Looking forward to reading more books from Lea Sims in the future." - Amazon review

"This book is unabashedly honest and soul-baring in it’s delivery. I have laughed, cried, soul searched and been filled with joy over various quotes and passages. Delaney is me in so many ways and I think any reader will find a piece of themselves in this book if they have their heart open to what God is waiting to show them. This book and author just became one of my favorites while I read late into the nights, unsuspecting. Thank you, Lea. God has produced in you a true force to be reckoned with in your ability to convey His love for the prodigal and His unrelenting search-and-rescue to draw them home." - Amazon review

"I haven't read for years but I'm so glad I picked up this book. It was recommended fy a friend of mine and it's changed my life!!!

Just adding my comment regarding Running from Monday!! I just wanted to tell you what a blessing yr book was to me. It put some issues I've been dealing w all my life into the past where they belong . The most important you don't just give your heart to Jesus you give yr heart, mind, and especially yr life to him. I've been saved for years, but God changes you day by day in New ways. Your book is a tool he used to help ! Powerful, and Life changing, makes you laugh and makes you cry. The characters jump out in this book like they're real and you can really relate. Ty!!!" - Amazon review

"Running from Monday is an emotionally intense and poignantly hopeful story about fleeing from God and finding God. It could make you cry, will probably make you laugh, but will almost certainly make you think. Delaney is a successful, ambitious Manhattan career woman with everything going for her...or so it seems. She’s also walking away from a marriage that never quite was and questioning her lack of emotional engagement in life. But the sudden death of her only family forces her back home to Georgia to face a past that she barely survived and the possibility of a future she would never have imagined. God issues a complex invitation in the midst of all this, but she has to be willing to take the journey. There is little to no sugar coating in Delaney’s narrative. Themes of abuse, sexuality, and emotional brokenness are all handled with an honesty and frankness that is refreshing even by today’s contemporary Christian Fiction standards. Running from Monday addresses these real world struggles and redeems them with a message of undeniable hope and love. God’s call appears in true to life encounters, relationships, and internal conversations and not in tired platitudes. As a result, the plot and characters are genuine, relatable, and encouraging. I highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind or even longs to wrestle with deep and candid questions about God’s role in pain and healing." - Amazon review

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If you want a deeper dive into the themes addressed in Running from Monday, a digital guide for personal study and small group discussion is available to accompany this book. Find out more here. 

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