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I am a Christian author and teacher living in Jacksonville, Fl, who writes fiction books, study guides, and resources to help women find freedom, identity and purpose in God's Kingdom. I believe Spirit-breathed fiction has the potential to unlock personal narratives and create space for healing. Stories and testimonies have the power to heal us and inspire us. 


My own journey to God was a prodigal one. Early childhood experiences led to a long journey of brokenness and sin, especially in the area of relationships, well into my early thirties. Two divorces, emotional numbness, and the painful duality of being successful at work and broken at home brought me to the feet of God in 2003. It led me through the doors of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL, into a Beth Moore Breaking Free group, and into radical healing and transformation. I know this story well. 

Layered upon that personal experience are now 13+ years in women’s ministry leadership, where I have followed the call of God on my life to rescue, teach, and equip women in the church. I’ve spent a lot of time loving women to wholeness. I know their stories, blind spots, and struggles. I've learned how to help them identify strongholds, trust God to unlock chains, and find the courage to drop those chains and leave them behind—not just when it comes to the bigger issues of abuse and sin but also the everyday struggles women have with marriage, parenting, friendships, and careers.


I have a passion for seeing women walk out of pain and into purpose,  get unstuck from the ruts in their road, and both run and finish their race well.

But these aren't the only stories I have a heart to write. My years in ministry have put me up close and personal to the beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes astonishing stories that women carry and share about their lives. The Sisterhood table has filled my heart with so many stories--everything from the courageous to the hilarious. I've learned my greatest lessons about empathy, compassion, revelation, and diversity from the women God has positioned in my world. I am a better woman near them, a better woman with them, and a better woman because of them. 


I love hearing the stories and testimonies of victorious, fearless women. They are the heartbeat of Sisterhood across the globe. 


Those are the books I write and the stories I tell.


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